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GAIA Introduction

Welcome to Gaia Sauna, one the Web's top choices for high quality, luxury saunas at a price you can afford. At Gaia we pride ourselves on our customer service and the ability to meet our customer's demands. However, it is the quality of our saunas that make Gaia the only company you need to work with. As you navigate the website you will see that our saunas are crafted with 100% Red Western Cedar and the latest in Infrared Carbon Fiber heating technology. These are the same saunas that most other companies sell as their high end luxury units. Since Gaia concentrates solely on high quality saunas, we can offer them at prices few other companies can match.

It is our goal at Gaia to educate our customers so they can make informed decisions. We will answer your questions openly and honestly in a manner intended to inform, not sell. Our customer service representatives are not paid on commission and are trained to work with you to determine your health goals, design demands and monthly budget concerns. If you are searching for a high quality unit at an affordable price, then Gaia is the only company for you.