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Where do I put my Gaia Luxury Sauna?

Our portable units were designed to go just about anywhere in the home or office.

How often should I use my sauna?

The typical sauna usage is 4-6 days a week for 15-20 minutes per session.

How does the sauna arrive?

Your sauna will arrive in 3 large boxes that are tied down to a pallet and shrink wrapped. 

How do I assemble the sauna?

Sauna assembly is quite easy with two people. Your unit comes with easy step by step instructions that should take less than 1 hour.

How can I pay for my sauna?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cashier checks.

What if I decide that I don't want my sauna?

We offer a 30day return policy for a full refund. You are responsible for return shipping and a 10% re-stocking fee.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. The price you are quoted is exactly what you'll pay.

Can I store my sauna outside? 

Our saunas were designed for home and office use so outside use is not advised. However we do have customers that have placed their units outside in dry, covered areas.

How do I clean my sauna?

Sweating is an obvious byproduct of infrared sauna use so it's recommended that you sit on a towel or mat and then wipe up excess sweat after each use.

Do you offer a warranty? 

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship and heaters for all of our saunas.