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We Believe

That informed customers are the best marketing a company can have. We make it our goal to teach, rather than sell, because an informed consumer not only feels better about their purchase, but also is able to pass their knowledge along. Our website is designed to serve as a learning resource center to provide an opportunity for information gathering and sharing. We welcome feedback from our customers and covet ideas for improvement. As you look through the site, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives at any point to give us your ideas, perspectives and personal testimonials. You can also leave messages anonymously through our feedback link found on our CONTACT US page. Gaia Sauna's philosophy is built on three fundamental beliefs designed to give our customers the utmost in quality and customer satisfaction. These beliefs are as follows:

  • Inform our customers so they can make intelligent decisions and feel comfortable about them.
  • Provide our customers with quality products, quality service and back our claims with industry leading guarantees and warranties.
  • Listen to our customers and build for the future through their feedback, comments and information sharing.

Gaia hopes that through these core building blocks we can build a relationship based on honesty, trust and professionalism that can reach beyond a single sale and meet the high expectations our customers have.

Health Benefits Introduction

The tradition of sweat bathing has been providing its users with health benefits for centuries. Today, with the addition of the Far Infrared heating system, sauna therapy is crossing the gap from being viewed as a holistic treatment to becoming a real cure in the fight against some of mankind's worst health ailments. The key to its many health attributes lies in the Far Infrared energy learn more) and heat absorption created in the sauna environment. Far Infrared energy penetrates deep into the human body, reaching down into our muscles, organs and cellular structures. This deep penetrating heat causes the heart to pump faster, increases blood flow and leads to a phenomenon known as hyperthermia. When a person is in a hyperthermic condition, the body reacts as if it were fighting off a fever and begins to boost the immune system, which in tern, increases the production of disease fighting white blood cells, antibodies and interferon (an anti viral protein with cancer fighting capability). Furthermore, Far Infrared's energy waves penetrate down into our fat cells, where many of the chemicals, toxins and pollutants of our modern world are stored. Infrared energy is one of the best natural forms of excreting these pollutants. Daily 15-30 minute sauna sessions will help the human body realize true health benefits for all of its natural systems, including the: immune, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, nervous, lymphatic and skeletal systems as well as added sex drive and improved mental well being. Please visit our Health Benefits page to learn more.

FAR Infared Energy vs. Traditional Sweat Bathing

Conventional steam heated saunas heat the air withsteam and usually operate at temperatures ranging from 180F-190F. Heating the steam not only takes longer to heat up, but also releases a steam that is often unbearably hot and difficult to breath. Furthermore, the steam only penetrates the walls of the skin, which creates nothing more than a surface sweat and does not reach deep down into the body's core.

On the contrary, Far Infrared Saunas operate effectively between 100F-130F, creating a warm and comfortable environment. This advantage is due to the Far Infrared energy waves that work off a process known as Direct Light Conversion. Direct Light Conversion is a phenomenon which only warms the object it focuses on and does not warm the free air surrounding it. Studies have shown that only 20% of the Far Infrared heat created in a sauna is lost into the air, leaving 80% to be absorbed by the body. The Infrared heat penetrates deep down into the body's core, creating a deep sweat, while also relaxing the muscles and internal organs. Our customers find that the relaxing sensation of a 15-30 minute sauna session becomes as habitual as unwinding with a hot bath or by having a nice glass of wine, it's that comfortable.

Why GAIA Sauna is Right For You

Gaia sauna provides all the services you desire when choosing a company to work with. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to meet our customer's demands. Unlike other larger companies, Gaia sauna's employees will go the extra mile to serve your needs. Our customer service representatives will work with you to determine your health goals, design demands and monthly budget concerns to find the right sauna for you. Our goal at Gaia sauna is to educate our customers about the many positive health benefits a sauna can bring. We strive to provide our customers with high quality, all natural infrared saunas at a price they can afford and to do it in a professional, friendly manner.
At Gaia Saunas we want our customers to know as much about saunas as we do. We’ve designed our site to provide information so our customers can make intelligent decisions about their sauna purchase. Whether you are buying a sauna for health reasons or just to relax, our site will give you the answers you need.

Sauna Myths

Myth: All woods are the same.

FALSE-Not all woods are the same. In fact there are many differences from wood to wood, even from woods in the same family. Cedar, Birch and Hemlock are the most commonly used woods for sauna construction. All are soft woods that absorb water better than other hardwoods. However, even though they are of the same family there are many differences. Hemlock is the cheapest of the aforementioned wood types. It will absorb water but it does have one major drawback. Hemlock can split when it dries which is a major problem in the hot sauna environment. When wood absorbs water it actually swells, somewhat like a sponge. As it dries out Hemlock has a tendency to split, especially around areas that have screws or openings.

Birch and Cedar are much better at absorbing water and returning to shape without splitting. They are both excellent woods for sauna use, but Cedar is by far the most commonly used and effective wood type. Not only does it have excellent absorption properties, but it also contains microbes that destroy bacteria and fungus. Furthermore, Cedar has excellent odor fighting qualities. Shoe horns are always constructed from Cedar for this very reason. So when purchasing a sauna, make sure to take the wood type in to account when making your decision.

Myth: All heaters are the same.

FALSE- In today’s sauna market there are several different heater types available. They all produce heat but they definitely are not all the same. Since most people buying a sauna today won’t be building fires, we?ll just focus on the two most common. The first and probably most well know sauna heater is the electrically heated hot rock system. With these units rocks are heated to temperatures ranging from 180 - 200 degrees. Most of the complaints associated with these types of heaters are based on the excessive heat. The second type of heater is the Infrared heating system. This is the latest advancement in sauna technology and is quickly replacing the hot rock system. The advantage of Infrared heat is twofold. First the heat is delivered through energy waves (for more info go to the Infrared heat tab on our site). These waves allow the heat to penetrate deeper into the body, warming it from the inside out. Second is the efficiency of the heat. Since Infrared heat is up to 80% efficient at being absorbed by the body it can run at lower temperatures. This provides the sauna user a much more comfortable environment as well as cheaper operating costs and better safety features.

All saunas are the same.

FALSE- If you have spent any time looking at different saunas available today you know that all saunas are definitely not the same. From the wood type to the size, there are many reasons why saunas can differ. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. The price differences reflect the quality and longevity of the units, because for the most part they all should produce heat. Money can be saved by purchasing a pre-fabricated unit that you assemble on your own. Other features that will reflect the pricing are wood type, heaters, amenities, construction, size and where you live. Take all these factors into account when purchasing your sauna and try to get the best combination of all the aforementioned factors to ensure you get a high quality long lasting sauna.

All sauna companies are the same.

FALSE- As with all industries, companies can differ for several reasons. Some companies market themselves for their cheap pricing while others advertise their quality. You?ll find some companies that boast of their high end heating systems and others that offer every amenity available. What you usually can’t find though is a company that offers all of the above. Not only does Gaia offer high quality affordable saunas, built with top of the line heating systems and modern amenities, but they back it up with friendly customer service. In fact Gaia believes so much in the products they sell that criticism is a welcome source of quality improvement. As members of the Better Business Bureau and the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Gaia has several outlets for its customers to provide feedback in direct as well as indirect fashions. All this feedback allows Gaia to continue its tradition of providing products and services that our customers can rely on. Plesk